Matt Welch

"I could see this (Two Reasons) playing as the credits scroll on a big blockbuster movie"- BuffaBLOG

"He’s one of the major players on the authentic 80s synth pop scene"- Beatradar

Starfighter Dreaming "isn't just a track that sounds like it's from the eighties, it sounds like a HIT from that decade too"- Beatradar

Sepia Moon features "songs that want to be played on repeat. An excellent release" - DJ Mishka

"With warm and heartfelt vocals, Welch infuses a heartwarming effusiveness that makes these pressing compositions timeless" - Divide & Conquer 


Matt grew up in Darwin, the Top End of Australia. His childhood consisted of bare-footed antics and outback fossicking, which continues to shape his lyrics today. At 19, Matt moved to Melbourne and studied classical guitar, simultaneously fronting and composing for Fly South and The Smitten. He fronts Melbourne band, The Good Minus and is a composer and songwriter for various music publishers including Warner Chappell Production Music, BMG Production Music, KLANGLOBBY (DUE), London Sync (UK), Gargantuan Music (UK), Music Blvd Group (USA), Spider Cues (USA), Amadea Music Productions (UK), Hitpoint Music (UK), Melodie Music (AUS) and MusicMind Tracks (USA). 

Career highlights include winning the Judges Award for the Sing Sing East Songwriting Competition. His music has featured in the movie- Dangerous Liaisons (Les Liaisons Dangereuses) (Netflix), shows such as "Vanderpump Rules" (Hulu, Bravo), The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo), Foxtel's "The Real Housewives of Melbourne", "The Amazing Race Australia" (Network 10), "Matt Wright's Wild Territory" ("Wild Croc Territory") (Netflix, 9 Network), "Love Is Blind" (Netflix), "Taste of Australia" and "Waltzing Jimeoin" (10play). His band's album was also chosen as feature album on Three D Radio and 2Bob Radio. As a guitarist he completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours) at The University of Melbourne, studied Sound Production (sound engineering) at RMIT, Music Performance (Jazz/Contemporary) at NMIT and was a semi-finalist in The Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition. To date, he has created and completed over 700 music projects for clients around the world.




(Numerous songs written as a ghost producer/songwriter as well as the following personal projects)

(2023/24)- New album (to be released) with Warner Chappell Production Music

(2023) "Cinematic Love Songs"- 15 track album written for KLANGLOBBY and BMG Production Music

15 Track album for publisher- London Sync

(2022) "Light Me Up"- album written for Warner Chappell Production Music (USA)- November 2022

(2021- current) Many albums and tracks written in different styles signed to various publishers around the world (trailer, hip hop, hybrid, corporate, pop, rock, country)

Matt Welch- Two Reasons EP (October 2020)

Matt Welch- Sepia Moon album (July 2020)

The Good Minus- Fear the Worst (2020)

Matt Welch- Long List (2020)

Outsourced Feelings- self-titled album [Composer] (2019) 

The Good Minus- self-titled album (2019)

The Good Minus- Mechanical Shark single (2019)

Tom Boxer & Matt Welch- The Fish single (2015)

Fly South- Mannequins (2014)

The Smitten- Back to the Shore (2014)

Fly South- Paint the Lines (2011)


Film Music/Shows

 Movie- "Dangerous Liaisons" (Les Liaisons Dangereuses) (Netflix)

"Vanderpump Rules" (Bravo, Hulu, Foxtel)

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" (Bravo)

"Matt Wright's Wild Territory" (9 Network)

"The Amazing Race Australia (10 Network)

"The Real Housewives of Melbourne" (Foxtel/Binge)

"Love is Blind", Season 3 (Netflix)

"Taste of Australia With Hayden Quinn" (10play)

"La Suerte de Loli" (Telemundo)

"The Red Ape Family" (NFT Sitcom)

Songs 'Blue Jay' and 'So Blue' written and recorded for the 2020 short film- "Blue Blooded" Directed by Michael Merlino 

Music written & recorded for 'Blessing Cross' song in 2020 film- 'Revival' directed by Joe Whall


Original Music written for

Podcasts/YouTube Themes/Advertisements/Jingles/Labels/Games


Project Fives NFT "The Fives" (Promo trailer music)

1Block Party (NFT game trailer)

Tutors Mentors and the City with Kevin "Dot Com" Brown (Podcast Jingle)

IOU Cash "What Would You IOU?" (jingle)

MCC Vertraete MFL (jingle)

Snow Girls book series- (theme song)

Icon Water (corporate jingle)

Texas Trust Credit Union (jingle)

Jersey Junkers (jingle)

Daditude BBQ (jingle)

The Red Ape Family (NFT cartoon sitcom)

Guitar Center USA (promo)

The Mini Electric Academy (instructional video music)

Big Rig Bites (jingle)

Inside Out Window Washing (jingle)

Kera Health (advertisement jingle)

Build-A-Bubble (jingle)

Heritage Furniture (jingle)

Let's Eat (jingle)

Birchbury shoes (jingle)

Ezicleen Surface Protection (corporate jingle)

Whiz Kidz (jingle)

SOS Phone Repairs (jingle)

ArchieTV- Future Crew Radio  (theme & voiceover)

Strange Duck Brewing Co (theme)

Vype (promo jingle)

Lulu The Tiger and the Missing Shoes- (theme song)

Nuhaus (company jingle)

Island Tropical Foliage  (jingle)

Gloworder (app jingle)

Even Angels (video game song)

Spark Records (EDM song)

Superhero Swim Academy (jingle)

Born To Inspire (podcast)

Drinking With Dogs (podcast)

Credits Score (podcast)

Cast Me If You Can (podcast)

SideBar with Jamie Hernan (podcast)

Get Up It's 5am (Instagram theme song)

The Shotaholics Show (YouTube channel)

Pigeon Paramotor (YouTube channel)

Fear No Flats- Gup Industries (advertisement)

Comic Sans (Web Series)


*Plus many more songs/pieces written for clients and publishers from around the world upon request.

Please contact Matt to hear more samples or ask any questions you may have.

Album written and produced for Warner Chappell Production Music- November 2022

Placements in season 5