"He’s one of the major players on the authentic 80s synth pop scene"- Beatradar

"I could see this (Two Reasons) playing as the credits scroll on a big blockbuster movie"- BuffaBLOG

Starfighter Dreaming "isn't just a track that sounds like it's from the eighties, it sounds like a HIT from that decade too"- Beatradar

"The production is on-point. This would sound perfect to an 80's inspired tv-series or movie"- TURTLENEK

Sepia Moon features "songs that want to be played on repeat. An excellent release" - DJ Mishka

Matt is an Australian based songwriter/composer/producer/musician. He performs in The Good Minus and also in a number of other projects and as a soloist. He is a Pro seller on a freelance platform and also writes production music for different publishers including Gargantuan Music, Spider Cues, Melodie Music, Music Mind Tracks, Amadea Music Productions and for clients upon request.

Two Reasons EP was released on October 30th 2020 as a follow-up to the album, Sepia Moon. It features atmospheric synths, epic 80s inspired guitar lines and guest vocals from Mia Bee and Ppalepinkk. 

As a songwriter/composer Matt writes and produces original song for personal projects, podcasts, channels, films and advertisements.

Services Include:

Original compositions and songs for exclusive licensing upon request to be used in your advertisement, channel, podcast or film

Composing/writing a complete song/piece based on your ideas and vision

Lyric writing

Recording real and software instruments (vocals, guitars, bass, keys/piano/synths, horns, strings, percussion/drums)

Mixing and mastering to create a complete, professional version of your song/piece

Contact Matt to discuss your music needs: matt@mattwelchmusician.com

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The Good Minus (album)

The Good Minus

The Good Minus will launch their debut album at The Wesley Anne, Northcote on October the 11th 2019 with Anna Cordell supporting.

Official album release date: 27/09/19. Pre-order the album now.

The Good Minus are an all-singing, instrument-swapping power trio. Their songs feature intricate three-part vocal harmonies with a style described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.

Matt Welch, David Kean and Stu Hazelman blend wildly different influences to create multi-layered arrangements, with obscure yet groove-laden time signatures.

Their debut album was recorded at Tender Trap Studios in Melbourne and engineered by David Kean. David also mixed many of the album’s tracks. The band had the honour of Greg J Walker (Machine Translations) mixing I’ll Decide For You and Rohan Sforcina (Head Gap Studios) mixing Blood Brothers, Shadow Love and Catch Us Up. Their record was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Studios (NY).

"Rich with vocal harmonies and multi-layered arrangements, the release breathes new life into angular prog pop."

"(The Good Minus) have succeeded in creating a perfect indie song.”
- We Love That Sound

“A gorgeous piece with faultless production and a great sonic mix of musicians… a stunning piece of work.” - Ultraviolet

"Lush harmonies…. Johnny Greenwood/Radiohead-esque lead guitar parts.”
- Divide and Conquer Music 
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