Matt is an Australian based songwriter/composer/producer/musician who writes custom songs for individual clients and international publishers.

As a songwriter/composer Matt writes and produces original song for personal projects, podcasts, games, channels, films and advertisements. He can create a complete song from start to finish either on his own or featuring specific artists he works with depending on the clients' needs.

He can also record, mix and master projects for other artists upon request. 

To contact Matt to discuss your next project please email: matt@mattwelchmusician.com



Music for TV and Film

Some of the films and shows where matt's music has featured

5 songs written and produced with acoustic instruments and featuring female voalistst for this album released on BMG PM  https://bmgproductionmusic.com/en-au/album/female-singer-songwriter/8cf1bfc543472f20

8 track upbeat vocal pop album out with Pitch Hammer Music, Your Silent Facade and Mushroom Production Music: https://pitchhammermusic.com/albums/ysf-010

4 upbeat acoustic tracks on album "Feel-Good Songs" out with BMG Production Music: https://bmgproductionmusic.com/en-au/album/feel-good-songs/71201d8e9b48c272

 15 track vocal R&B and Hip Hop album with BMG Production Music https://bmgproductionmusic.com/en-au/album/swag-saga/22657c3609e0c455

10 Track vocal pop and hip hop album for Warner Chappell Production Music https://www.warnerchappellpm.com/album/metro-mmp132/NDI1Mjc2NS03YTA4MmM